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Warning * Warning * Warning
Saga of Logatroth is not intended for several types of individuals. It is not intended for those who cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy. Bible thumpers and those who give money to televangelists should not play this game due to its depiction of religion. Nor is this game intended to be played by internet junkies, digital heroin addicts, people with poor imagination skills, and/or children under the age of 16. If you didn't understand the intrinsic humor in the movies Falling Down (1993), Fight Club (1999), Idiocracy (2006), and/or Office Space (1999), in the words of Michaleen O'Flynn, "Go away!!" Finally, it should never be played by anyone who cannot handle it when their character DIES. If you fit into any of these categories, you should spend your money on some tickets to a non-violent movie with duckies and bunnies in it.
Warning * Warning * Warning

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Saga of Logatroth

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